Things to Do in Hwange National Park


When travelling to Zimbabwe, a visit to Hwange National Park is a must and should be part of any Zimbabwe safari itinerary. Here are the top things to do whilst on safari in Hwange. Located in the Hwange District, Hwange is a town in Zimbabwe that attracts tourists as a result of the nearby Hwange National Park. It’s the largest national park in the country. Home to a vast variety of wildlife, it’s a popular destination for lovers of African safaris. In order to give you a true idea of what to expect, we are going to look at the best things to do in Hwange that will turn a trip to this destination into a memorable Zimbabwe safari experience.

The Best of Hwange Wildlife

Game drives and walks

No visit to Hwange can be complete without a game drive through Hwange National Park. Visitors can drive through the park between 6 am and 6 pm and can encounter the Big 5, who roam freely through the park and surrounding concessions. Covering around 14 650 square km, there are over 100 mammal species to be seen, making Hwange National Park a popular destination for animal lovers. Also worth noting is the park’s status as home to one of the world’s largest herds of elephants, which is reason enough to include this experience on any Hwange itinerary.

Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe
Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Bird Watching

As if the abundance of wildlife wasn’t enough of a reason to visit, there are almost 400 different species of birds that can be found in Hwange National Park, making it a twitchers’ paradise! Make sure to keep your eyes directed at the sky and towards the treetops while you’re on a game drive in Hwange so that you don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to tick some awe-inspiring bird species off your list. Bird watching is definitely one of the best things to do in Hwange!

Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe
Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Visit the Painted Dog Conservation Centre

Once having roamed through 39 countries, wild dogs, also known as painted dogs, have seen their numbers drop from around 50 000 to just 3 000. With such a huge drop in numbers resulting from urbanisation and loss of natural habitat, a place like the Painted Dog Conservation Centre in Dete, Zimbabwe is an eden for them. The conservation facility aims to address the issue through the protection and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wild dogs, while providing long-term education and development projects to the communities in the area. The centre also works to translocate entire packs of wild dogs from problem areas to regions where they can thrive.

The Top Activities in Hwange

Walking safari

Guides at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange, offer walking safaris that showcase the best of Hwange National Park and its surrounding fenceless concession The guides give guests an intimate Hwange bush experience and teach them about the tracking animal footprints, the endemic plants of Hwange, and they even get to learn to create fun things like a bush toothbrush.

Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe
Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Day Trip

A day trip to the glorious phenomenon of Victoria Falls,  one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is entirely possible. It is only a 30-minute flight or less than two hours by road from Hideaways Nantwich, Hwange.  Not only are the Falls and their surroundings incredibly beautiful, but they also offer a range of activities to enjoy that include helicopter trips over the Falls, daredevil bungee jumping from Victoria Falls Bridge, and other memorable encounters. For an extended adventure, we recommend our Hwange and Victoria Falls Safari in order to experience some of the best things to do in Hwange!

Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe
Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Cultural Experiences in Hwange

Cultural Tourism Experiences

In an attempt to empower the local villages in the Hwange District, steps have been taken to turn local villages into tourist destinations. Visitors to the region can visit traditional homesteads to learn about the local people and their unique cultures. Village markets offer locals the chance to sell their arts and crafts, enabling them to turn their skill into an activity that empowers them to support their families.

Local Hwange Primary School Dingani

Dingani Primary School is a rural school in Zimbabwe, close to Hwange National Park and Elephant’s Eye. With over 300 pupils from the ages of 4 to 12, the school is in dire need of equipment and maintenance for the education and development of their pupils. Hideaways have partnered with Dingani to assist with the sustainable development of the local community’s children. Guests of Elephant’s Eye can visit the school to see how donations are put into action. 

Relaxing in Hwange

Enjoy a Sundowner at Watering Hole

The best way to toast a successful day exploring Hwange National Park is with the quintessential African sundowner. Even better in this spectacular Zimbabwe location, whether it be in private at Elephant’s Eye’s main watering hole or at one of the neighbouring waterholes situated in the heart of the open bush. As the light slowly fades, watch a wide variety of game come down to drink, all whilst sipping on a refreshing cocktail until eventually, a blanket of stars lights up the sky above. This might be one of the most relaxing and romantic of the best things to do in Hwange!

Sundowner at watering hole Hwange
Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Day Spas in Hwange

Nothing quite beats a pampering session in the wild African bush, hence the introduction of the eco-spa at Elephant’s Eye. Enjoy a variety of luxurious treatments in the natural tranquillity of Mother Nature and experience the perfect spa and safari holiday. The spa’s philosophy is about rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul through a unique combination of African and Western massage techniques. Set in the magnificent natural surroundings, indulge yourself with some unique treatments and excellent game viewing at the same time.

Spa treatment Hwange
Best Things to Do in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Experience the Best African Safari

Embarking on a journey to Africa is an invitation to immerse oneself in a world teeming with wonders, where breathtaking experiences await at every turn. The continent unveils a tapestry of captivating destinations, and as a traveler, you are bestowed with the delightful choice of exploring the most amazing attractions. Picture yourself venturing into the heart of the Okavango Delta, a sprawling oasis of life that beckons with its intricate network of waterways. Here, you can traverse the labyrinth of channels by mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, marveling at the rich biodiversity that thrives within this remarkable wetland. For a more intimate encounter with the wildlife, the Khwai River presents a tantalizing opportunity. Embark on a guided walking safari, stealthily traversing the riverbanks and floodplains, tracking the movements of elusive predators and observing a myriad of bird species. In Africa, the possibilities for adventure are endless, and the experiences that await you are beyond compare.

The best way to experience Mana Pools is to embark on a guided canoe safari along the Zambezi River, immersing yourself in the pristine wilderness and encountering diverse wildlife up close. Moving on, Chobe National Park beckons, an untamed wilderness that boasts the world’s largest concentration of elephants. A safari through its vast savannahs promises close encounters with these majestic creatures and the chance to witness thrilling wildlife interactions. Further along the journey lies Victoria Falls, a true marvel of nature. Stand in awe as the mighty Zambezi River plunges over the precipice, enveloping the surroundings in a misty spray.

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