North & South Luangwa National Parks

Zambia is renowned for its national parks and wildlife reserves and offers some of the best safari experiences in Africa

North Luangwa National Park and South Luangwa National Park are two of Zambia’s most renowned and important protected areas, known for their stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife populations. These parks are situated in the eastern part of Zambia and are a part of the southern African country’s efforts to conserve its rich biodiversity. South Luangwa National Park is located in the eastern region of Zambia, with the Luangwa River running through it. It is home to a variety of animals, including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and numerous species of antelope. The park is also renowned for its high population of leopards. North Luangwa National Park is situated to the north of its more famous counterpart, South Luangwa National Park. The park features rugged terrain, river valleys, and miombo woodlands. It is a remote and less-visited park compared to South Luangwa. Due to its relative isolation, North Luangwa offers a more intimate and exclusive safari experience, with fewer visitors.

Mwaleshi Walking Camp - North Luangwa

Mwaleshi Walking Camp

Mwaleshi Walking Camp offers an unforgettable escape just a short 40-minute flight from Mfuwe Airport. Tucked away in a picturesque meander of the Mwaleshi River, 10 kilometers upstream from where...
Tafika Camp

Tafika Main Camp

Tafika Camp, nestled in the heart of Zambia’s pristine South Luangwa National Park, is a true wilderness haven for safari enthusiasts seeking an authentic and immersive African experience. This remote...
Chikoko Tree Camp - South Luangwa

Chikoko Tree Walking Camp

Situated on the west bank within the South Luangwa National Park, a short distance upstream from its parent camp, Tafika, the Chikoko Walking Camp are accessible solely by foot, providing...
Big Lagoon Camp - South Luangwa

Big Lagoon Walking Camp

Situated on the western bank deep within the South Luangwa National Park, not far from their base camp, Tafika, Big Lagoon Camp can only be reached on foot. This unique...
Takwela Camp - North Luangwa

Takwela Main Camp

Takwela Camp is located in a secluded area where the Luangwa and Mwaleshi Rivers meet, offering amazing views of resident hippos and unspoiled wilderness in every direction. It provides a...