Cultural Visits in Luangwa

Safari Experiences

A trip to Zambia is not only a discovery of the breathtaking nature and wildlife, but also a journey into the rich cultural diversity of the country. A special highlight of any trip is a visit to Mkasanga Village, where visitors are welcomed with open arms and beaming faces. The authenticity of the encounter and the insights into everyday life make this cultural experience an unforgettable adventure.

Mkasanga Village School

The first step on this cultural journey leads to the Mkasanga School, where visitors learn more about the remote education system and have the opportunity to meet some of the children. Remote Africa Safaris actively supports the school through the Tafika Fund, making the visit an opportunity not only to learn but also to contribute to the education of local children.

Cultural Visits in South Luangwa

Another fascinating insight into Zambian culture is offered by the local people, especially the women, who show guests how millet is ground and pounded. This traditional method gives insight into how meals are prepared, and also conveys a deep understanding and appreciation for the traditional cuisine in this region. Guests are even encouraged to lend a hand and help with the pounding themselves to experience the labour intensity and skill of the task.

Church choir

A highlight of the visit is undoubtedly meeting one of the church choirs with their beautiful harmonies. The sounds of these choirs are deeply meaningful and reflect the spiritual bond and cultural roots of the community. Visitors are invited to join the choirs, dance and experience the sense of community created through music and dancing.

A visit to Mkasanga Village offers an authentic journey through the culture of Zambia. The warm hospitality of the locals, the vivid insights into everyday life, the interactive experiences and the cultural performances make this an unforgettable trip that touches not only the eye but also the heart. It is a chance to connect with the people, hear their stories and gain a deeper understanding of the beauty of Zambian culture.

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