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Khwai River Green Season Special


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Life-Changing Experiences

Find your peace and be inspired in the heart of Africa. Let the continent transform you as we share with you its natural wonders, endless unspoilt vistas, and heart-warming hospitality. For a truly immersive experience, we entice you to discover the soul of Africa with us.

With over 30 years of safari travel experience and a deep love of the land, Hideaways’ collection of bespoke properties and luxury safari experiences are superbly positioned across Southern Africa’s most exclusive wilderness areas to allow our guests to savour those rare moments of serenity embodied by the pristine African bush. While guests travel in absolute comfort and style, we at Hideaways are passionate about our communities and sustainable conservation.  Each traveller contributes toward long-term preservation, education, and upliftment of rural communities. Creating Life-Changing safari experiences for guests, employees and locals alike.

Our Ethos

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Touching the Earth lightly is our eco-philosophy that is at the heart of each of Hideaways’ safari experiences. We strive to practice sustainability and eco-friendliness on a daily basis. Our flagship lodge at Elephant’s Eye in Hwange, is an excellent example of this.

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Hideaways is committed to making a sustainable, positive impact in the environment, rural communities, and economy of the areas in which we operate. In collaboration with our Grow Africa Foundation, our guests play an active part in supporting these initiatives when choosing a Hideaways safari experience. Grow Africa is the Bridge Between Challenges & Solutions, Good Will & Action.

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We are passionate about preserving Africa’s precious wildlife species and addressing the human-wildlife conflict that threatens a harmonious relationship between the continent’s inhabitants. To preserve what is left for generations to come as true wilderness areas are diminishing, Hideaways became a founding member of the Conservation & Wildlife Fund, a non-profit trust formed by a collaborative group of conservationists and stakeholders in the Hwange National Park region.

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Life-Changing Experiences

We want every guest of Hideaways to experience the mesmerising aspects that make Africa, Africa. There’s nothing quite like that complete feeling of calm and serenity while sailing down the Zambezi River in a handcrafted East African dhow, marvelling at the world that drifts by. These luxury experiences that make memories that last a lifetime and opens guests’ eyes to the wonders of the world with all its complexities and charms are life-changing and we are proud to provide them.

Featured Videos

Elephant's Eye, Hwange Eco-Lodge
Grow Africa "Safari Share" Initiative
Mogotlho, Khwai River

Safari Collection

Each of our Hideaways Collections has been designed to deliver an extraordinary safari experience, in close proximity to Africa’s spectacular wildlife and pristine wilderness, whilst ensuring the conservation of these unique habitats. With over 30 years of travel,  unprecedented hospitality, luxury safari experience, and the finest bespoke eco-offering, we ensure that our guests experience the best of Southern Africa in absolute comfort and style.

Our in-depth knowledge of Southern Africa and all that it has to offer has allowed us to curate unique safari experiences. We focus on creating custom-made safari experiences to suit all your requirements down to the last detail ensuring your safari experience with Hideaways will be one of a kind.

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