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Life-Changing Experiences

At Hideaways, comfort meets exclusivity in the heart of some of Africa’s most spectacular wilderness areas. Our unique safari lodges and partner camps are natural gems hidden away in off-the-beaten-track locations. Unlock a world of exclusive safari experiences in Hwange, Mana Pools, Matusadona, Victoria Falls and Matobo Hills National Parks in Zimbabwe. Head to Zambia and escape the maddening crowds in North and South Luangwa National Parks. Delve into the wilds of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, Khwai River and Kazuma Reserve. Or for something different, explore Hluhluwe in South Africa.

Our lodges are designed to provide a perfect blend of excellence and environmental sustainability, offering guests an unforgettable experience that is both indulgent and eco-friendly. At Hideaways, it is our mission to create bespoke, memorable and deeply moving safari experiences, so that our guests can experience Africa’s sounds, scents, views and tastes in absolute comfort and style. Our eco lodges offer excellent service, gourmet food and lavish accommodation with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Hideaways Portfolio

The Hideaways Portfolio is a distinct collection of properties that stand out in their ability to offer unparalleled safari excursions in some of the most breathtaking landscapes Africa has to offer.

At Hideaways, the emphasis is on exclusivity and personalization, ensuring each valued guest’s stay is uniquely tailored to their preferences. From the moment you arrive at one of the Hideaways properties, every detail is carefully curated to enhance your experience. Our safari lodges are not just places to stay; they are designed with elegant touches and bespoke flourishes that elevate your journey beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s a serene sunset from a private deck or a bush dinner under the stars, Hideaways ensures that every moment of your stay is comfortable and personal. Through our dedication to crafting exceptional safaris, we invite you to discover the magic of Southern Africa with us, where adventure and elegance blend seamlessly to create a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Partner Portfolio

Hideaways Partner Properties epitomize excellence; they are meticulously selected for their prime locations, unparalleled offerings alignment with the internationally recognized Hideaways brand.

These preferred partners are hand-picked gems, chosen for their exceptional standards and seamless integration into our curated packages. Each property is carefully evaluated to ensure it complements our existing portfolio while adding a diversity of experiences for safari-goers. From remote escapes to unique adventures, our Partner Properties offer an exclusive blend of comfort and authenticity, promising unforgettable stays in distinct and beautiful locations. With a commitment to uniqueness and quality, these properties embody the essence of Hideaways’ dedication to extraordinary hospitality.

Unique Experiences

Explore iconic wildlife destinations in Southern Africa with Hideaways. Each destination offers its own distinctive experiences and adventures, whether in the wild beauty of the national parks of Zimbabwe and Zambia, across the vast savannahs of Botswana or amid the lush coastal forests of South Africa.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp


Your journey in Zimbabwe should not just be about the wild; it should also tantalize your taste buds. Found in a remote location in the heart of the African wilderness, Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp in Hwange National Park offers not only remarkable wildlife encounters but also an exceptional dining experience with its flavorful bush dinners. […]

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp


You can really get into the heart of one of Zimbabwe’s most famous wildlife areas on guided bush walks around Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp, in Hwange National Park. The western part of Zimbabwe is home to Hwange National Park, which is famous for its many species and different ecosystems. This makes it a great place […]

Guided Tours of Bumbusi Ruins


The Bumbusi Ruins are a reminder of the region’s rich history and are located within Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. At this ancient archeological site, visitors are shown a riveting depiction of the past, taking them back to the mysteries of a time that has long since passed. The Bumbusi Ruins date back to the […]

Mwaleshi Walking Camp - North Luangwa 01


Located in southern Africa, Zambia is a landlocked country that provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind walking safari experience through its beautiful national parks. Walking safaris stand out among the many other types of safaris that are offered because they give you the opportunity to get a more personal experience with the raw beauty of the […]

Chitake Springs, Camp Mana


A guided walk in Mana Pools should not be missed. The best way to discover the magic of Mana Pools on foot is with our experienced guides who have intimate knowledge of the local wildlife. With a spring in their step, they lead you out into the wild, armed with curiosity and a safety rifle, […]

Game Drives - Zambia


Safari game drives in Zambia are a journey into the wilderness, an immersion in untouched nature and an experience of amazing wildlife. A key element of this safari experience is the game drives, which are conducted in open vehicles to ensure optimal wildlife viewing and excellent photo opportunities. The game drives are conducted in open […]

Cycling Safari - South Luangwa


In the heart of the wild and untamed Luangwa Valley, a unique and exhilarating adventure awaits the avid cyclist and nature enthusiast. Tafika Camp, a jewel nestled within this African wilderness, offers an extraordinary experience: Cycling Safaris. Guided by the passion for cycling and love for nature, John Coppinger, a seasoned cyclist, leads these captivating […]

Zambia Scenic Flight


Zambia is undoubtedly a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. To experience these wonders of nature in their full glory, the RASair Cessna 210 aircraft offers breathtaking scenic charter flights in Zambia. These offer travellers the opportunity to explore Zambia’s stunning locations in a comfortable and memorable way. Based at Mwanya (Lukuzi) airstrip near Tafika […]

Plan Your Safari

Get in touch with our dedicated reservations department, where our consultants are eager to assist you in selecting the ideal destination and lodge that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Let our experts guide you through the exciting possibilities and help you craft a trip that will create lasting memories.

Explore hidden corners teeming with wildlife through Hideaways’ safari and tailor-made packages. Every Hideaways adventure is unique, crafted and curated to give you a distinctly personal safari experience.

Best of Hwange

6 Nights
From USD 3008 per person sharing
Elephants Eye Hwange National park

Beyond Best of Hwange

9 Nights
From USD 4823 per person sharing
Northern Hwange

Botswana Wildlife Safari with Vic Falls

7 Nights
From USD 4497 per person sharing. 
Botswana Wildlife Safari package

Explore Luangwa Safari

7 Nights
From USD 5679 per person sharing
Big Lagoon Camp - South Luangwa

Golden Safari Expedition

7 Nights
From USD 3897 per person sharing
Bumbusi Wilderness Camp

Golden Safari Triangle

5 Nights
From USD 2759 per person sharing
Leopard Chobe and Hwange Safari package

Helicopter Day Trip

Day Trip
From USD 700 per person
Helicopter flight above Victoria Falls

Highlights of Zimbabwe

9 Nights
From USD 6369 per person sharing
Zimbabwe - Hwange - Lions 02

Highlights of Zimbabwe Superior Package

9 Nights
From USD 7069 per person sharing
Fothergill Island, Zimbabwe

Hwange & Luangwa Expedition

7 Nights
From USD 4213 per person sharing
Game Drives - Zambia

Hwange and Victoria Falls Safari

4 Nights
From USD 1677 per person sharing
Hwange and Victoria Falls safari

Northern Hwange Discoverer

7 Nights
From USD 3900 per person sharing
Bumbusi Wilderness Camp


Wonderful Eco lodge, with great food, great staff, and an enticing swimming pool and fire pit. Inside and outside shower facilities to enable animal viewing all the time. The elephants enjoy a nightly drink from the swimming pool. Well worth a visit!
It was an exceptional lodge in the perfect setting with wonderful staff and management. The accommodation was outstanding and being vegetarian they went out of their way to provide sensational meals. I just loved every minute of my 2 night stay!
Jeanette T
The service at this hotel is better than I have experienced at top hotels in the US. It is definitely on my "return to" list. The food was excellent and the rooms clean and well maintained. Their design is fun as the rooms are individual, raised platform design that provides a tent like experience.
Julie C
We had a wonderful time and went in the wet season - can only imagine how wonderful it would be in the dry season. The camp, staff, food was all fantastic. As for showering at dawn over looking the water hole - sheer magic
Zoe B