Photographic Safaris in Zambia

Safari Experiences

Photographic safaris in Zambia offer travelers an opportunity to capture the country’s wildlife. Amidst Zambia’s stunning landscapes, visitors are treated to an extraordinary adventure as they experience these expertly guided journeys. The wilderness of Zambia serves as the perfect backdrop for a photographic safari, allowing enthusiasts to capture the raw beauty of the African continent. Zambia’s wildlife spectacle is nothing short of spectacular.

Photographic safaris provide an intimate and unfiltered connection with nature, enabling enthusiasts to witness Africa’s iconic and lesser-known species up close. It’s an adventure that leaves an indelible mark on all who partake, offering the chance to document Zambia’s incredible biodiversity in a way that words alone cannot convey. In every frame, the essence of Zambia’s wilderness comes alive, making photographic safaris an experience like no other.

Photographic Safaris Zambia

Guided Photographic Safaris

Our safari vehicles are specially equipped for photographers and have beanbags to ensure your camera remains stable for the perfect shot. The open vehicle roofs offer unhindered views of the wilderness, allowing you to capture the beauty of Zambia from every angle. Whether it’s majestic wildlife, sweeping landscapes, the high canopy of vegetation or the elegant flight of birds, exceptional photographic opportunities await you on this trip. 

To enhance your photography experience, we offer the opportunity to participate in private photographic safaris led by the renowned Bryan Jackson. Born in New Zealand, Bryan has lived in Southern Africa for over 50 years and has been leading tours in Luangwa for over 20 of those years. On this special experience, he will attempt to introduce you to the finer points of wildlife photography. His talented eye and years of experience and practice will surely reveal new perspectives to you. This exclusive instruction can be booked in advance for an additional fee and will provide valuable insights and a personal touch to your photographic journey. 

Photographic Safaris Zambia

A few tips on what equipment to bring

  • Lenses: For close-up photography, use macro or extension tubes. Always use a tripod with these lenses. Wide-angle lenses (18 mm – 50 mm) are best for stunning landscapes. 
  • Camera bag: Be sure to adequately protect your camera and equipment by taking it as hand luggage on the plane. 
  • Batteries: Always travel with spare batteries and take advantage of the opportunity to recharge at communal charging stations in all bush camps. 
  • Cleaning: Pack a bellows, brush, and cloth to remove dust and take the best care of your equipment. 
  • Tripod: A good tripod can be unwieldy when travelling. Consider taking a lightweight monopod for stability during your shoots. 
  • Filters: Polarising filters increase colour contrast saturation, eliminate reflections, and darken the sky (although they can absorb some light). Manual focus cameras use a linear polariser. 

        Capture the spirit of Zambia’s diverse and vibrant wildlife with every click of the shutter and let the photo safari burn unforgettable memories of this incredible African experience into your lens and heart. 

        Plan Your Safari

        Get in touch with our dedicated reservations department, where our consultants are eager to assist you in selecting the ideal destination and lodge that perfectly aligns with your preferences.  Let our experts guide you through the exciting possibilities and help you craft a trip that will create lasting memories.

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