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A visit to the historic Rhodes Grave site should be on the list for all visitors to the Matobo Hills

A visit to the Rhodes grave site should be on every Matobo Hills visitors to do list. Cecil John Rhodes, a prominent politician and businessman, left a significant impact on Southern Africa. Cecil was the founder of De Beers, British South African country and Consolidated Gold Fields. His love for the Matobo area led to his investment in the region, including the funding of a railway line. According to Rhodes’ wishes he was laid to rest with the “view of the world” in Matobo National Park. Following his death in South Africa in 1902, he was transported to Matobo National Park where he was laid to rest. Matobo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A memorable experience is having a sundowner at the Rhodes Grave site, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the park.

Scholars, students, and individuals interested in political history, colonialism, and the British Empire may wish to visit Rhodes’ grave to gain a firsthand connection to the historical figure and the events he was involved in. Given the controversy surrounding Rhodes and his legacy, some people may want to visit his grave as an opportunity for reflection, discussion, and debate about the impact of colonialism and the individuals who played key roles in it. Some may see visiting Rhodes’ grave as a form of cultural or historical pilgrimage, paying homage to or critiquing the historical figure depending on their perspective.

Rhodes Memorial
Rhodes Memorial Matobo Hills

It’s important to note that opinions about Cecil John Rhodes are diverse, and the motivations for visiting his grave can vary widely among individuals. Some view him as a visionary and builder, while others criticize him for his role in promoting colonialism and the negative consequences it had on indigenous populations in Africa.

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