Game Drives in the Luangwa Valley

Safari Experiences

Safari game drives in Zambia are a journey into the wilderness, an immersion in untouched nature and an experience of amazing wildlife. A key element of this safari experience is the game drives, which are conducted in open vehicles to ensure optimal wildlife viewing and excellent photo opportunities. The game drives are conducted in open vehicles that provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding wildlife. These vehicles accommodate a maximum of four guests, ensuring uninterrupted viewing and photo opportunities. This intimate setting allows every guest on board to share in the knowledge and insights of our experienced guides. The guides always look after the safety and comfort of the guests during the activities.

Game Drives - Zambia

The morning game drives stop at scenic spots for a tea break. This gives guests the opportunity to enjoy and experience the natural surroundings. The morning hours are often particularly delightful as the wildlife is especially active at this time. The night game drives stop for a sundowner to take in the breathtaking sunset before special spotters use a headlamp to look for nocturnal animals. This part of the safari opens up completely new insights into wildlife behaviour during the night. A special feature is the practice of radio silence during the game drives. Here, radio traffic is minimised to allow intimate and undisturbed observations of the wildlife. This silence is the key to an even deeper connection with nature and unique wildlife encounters.

North and South Luangwa are remarkable areas for game drives as they are home to diverse wildlife. Elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and an abundance of antelope species are just some of the fascinating animals that can be spotted during these drives. The experienced guides know the best spots and routes to take guests to the most spectacular wildlife encounters. The game drives in North and South Luangwa offer an unforgettable safari experience. The proximity to nature, the expertise of the guides and the unique insights into the wildlife make these game drives an essential part of any safari in Zambia.

Game Drives - Zambia

Wildlife to spot in the Luangwa Valley

Despite the relatively modest size, particularly when compared to renowned parks such as Kruger or Etosha, both South and North Luangwa don’t fall short in showcasing its diverse wildlife, ever-changing vegetation, and varied habitats. The parks boast an abundance of wildlife that can easily fulfill any safari enthusiast’s wishlist. From predators like wild dogs, lions, and leopards – encounters with which are almost assured in South Luangwa – to iconic big game including elephants and hippos, the parks offer a comprehensive safari experience.

Notably, both parks are renowned for its substantial buffalo herds, particularly captivating when they congregate during the dry season, making their way to the river for a drink. Furthermore, the park is a habitat for 14 distinct antelope species, ranging from bushbucks to kudus, and provides exclusive sightings of Crawshay’s zebra herds. Lastly, the astonishing birdlife of South Luangwa deserves special mention, catering to both avid birdwatchers and those with a casual interest. Housing approximately 400 diverse bird species, the park is also a haven for 39 birds of prey, ensuring unique sightings as they engage in their hunting endeavors.

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