A Private Viewing of Wildest Botswana

Tales from the Bush

With reality being a question of perspective, we would personally choose one with vistas of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Flying above the wetland waterways in an open doored helicopter, the scenery below stretching to the horizon, one takes a moment to absorb the meandering labyrinth, in awe of its vastness.


The idea of safari is to immerse oneself in the elements, experiencing walking through the bush on foot, floating upon the river, the classic safari game-drive – then the highly recommended ascension from road to sky to soar above the Botswana landscapes. Mogoltho Lodge, Khwai River in the Mababe Concession offers this exceptional experience in partnership with Helicopter Horizons… this scenic activity provides a point of view over these wilderness areas which completes ones understanding of its vastness, biodiversity,  interconnected waterways and wildlife abundance.


Taking to the skies from the lodge, heading north east and skirting the Mababe Depression, this scenic activity provides a point of view over these wilderness areas which completes ones understanding of its vastness, biodiversity, waterways and wildlife abundance. The Khwai River itself broadens into a network of islands, the contrast of clear water and land creating a quilted landscape. One realizes how important the Khwai is to the environment, a veritable life-source to the abundance of species in the area – the network of islands each an oasis for wildlife.

The intricate ecosystem of floodplains and waterways is clearly visible from air, commanding a certain respect for its interwoven web of life and the various natural elements it supports. From Mopane woodland to palm trees, lagoons and islands of white sands, the world of the delta is a multi-faceted wonder of nature, witnessed in vibrant detail from above.


An aerial perspective not only gifts appreciation for this natural phenomenon, but also access to more remote and unreachable areas of these wild channels, a private viewing of wildest Botswana. There is something about observing animals from above – an insight to the corridors they travel, herd dynamics, the patterns of their shadow and the distance and terrain they cover. One may see herds of elephant wading through water, hundreds of zebra using ancient paths to quench their thirst, sable and buffalo similarly seeking respite.


Then, there is champagne. Each trip has the option to land on Palm Island to partake in a bottle of bubbles. In our perspective, champagne is indeed perfectly paired with an island in the delta, sipped on the shores of the Okavango with a backdrop of wildlife.


Taking to the skies is an opportunity everyone should embrace – an invitation to gain true perspective of what the Okavango Delta and Mababe Concession embody. One comes away from this activity wiser, having uncovered the greatness of Botswana; its labyrinthine ecology, its contrasting landscapes and its thriving wildlife. And undoubtedly, learning that it’s white sands and wild vistas are the best place to drink champagne.

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