Bumbusi: A Taste of African Paradise

Tales from the Bush

Where do I begin? From the moment I arrived, I was utterly speechless. Bumbusi is truly a slice of African paradise. We were welcomed to a magnificent, rustic stone camp, complete with the delightful sight of a baby elephant playing in the camp garden with a hosepipe.

The rooms exude a homely charm, and the outdoor bathroom is simply to die for, featuring an incredible bathtub that truly makes a statement. Yet, despite the spectacular rooms, I found myself constantly drawn outside, captivated by the wildlife right at my doorstep. Within our first four hours of arrival, we were graced by elephants, kudus, impalas, baboons, monkeys, and bushbucks.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp, Hwange National Park, Spring Pool
Natural Spring Pool at Bumbusi Wilderness Camp

Having stayed at numerous places across Africa, I can confidently say that Bumbusi is the most unique of them all. It’s not just a place; it’s an experience that immerses you in the very essence of nature.

Our days at Bumbusi were filled with unforgettable adventures. We woke up for sunrise and drove to Signal Hill, where we witnessed zebras and playful impalas engaging in a show-off play fight. Our journey then took us to Bumbusi Gorge, where we embarked on a guided walking hike through the gorge, occasionally visited by black rhinos. The hike was thrilling, filled with incredible structures and close encounters with three majestic elephants.

Back at the camp, we relaxed by the freshwater pool, observing the freely roaming animals. As the day wound down, we took a sunset safari drive to the Bumbusi National Monuments and explored the ancient Bumbusi bushman rock carvings. The view from an elevated rock cliff, where we enjoyed sundowners, was nothing short of breathtaking, as the sun and sky put on a pastel show that left us in awe.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp, Hwange National Park, Sundowners
Sundowners on Rock Formations

The culinary experience at Bumbusi was equally magnificent. We enjoyed a bush dinner set up between beautiful cove-like rocks, feasting on African cuisine prepared by the talented Chef Talent. His dishes were so delightful that we asked for some recipes to try at home.

Our safari adventures were punctuated by awe-inspiring wildlife sightings, including four baby lion cubs and two females feeding on a zebra they had killed just hours before. We also saw plenty of hippos out of the water, more elephants, and a lone female lion amidst incredible rock formations.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp, Hwange National Park, Lions
Lions feeding on Zebra in Hwange National Park

Overall, words fail to capture the magic and profound experience we had at Bumbusi. It is, without a doubt, my favorite place I’ve ever visited in Africa. The feeling it evokes is one that cannot be bought, only cherished.

Written by: Sandrine Hecq, Drone Videographer

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