Anti-Poaching Unit

CWF Anti-Poaching Goals in Hwange

When it comes to wildlife conservation, poaching is a critical issue that needs to be tackled head-on. As a responsible eco-lodge with a prime focus on sustainability and conservation, Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is committed to protecting the wildlife in and around our lodge. We have been collaborating with the Conservation and Wildlife Fund (CWF), of …

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Grow Africa: Sponsor a Teacher

A teacher is an educator, a nurturer, a confidante, an inspiration, a mentor, and a force for change in a child’s life. Dingani Primary School needs more teachers and we need your help. Currently, there is only 1 teacher for 108 students. We have hired an Early Childhood Development teacher for Dingani Primary School, the …

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Plight of the Pangolin

Have you heard about the scaly little mammal that can roll itself up into a hard impenetrable ball to protect itself from predators such as lions and leopards? The pangolin is a captivating creature that slightly resembles an armoured anteater but is considered much cuter, and unfortunately much rarer. Pangolins are one of the most …

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