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Hluhluwe, situated on the elephant coast of South Africa, is a renowned wildlife haven boasting exceptional biodiversity and rich cultural heritage. You may be wondering about the accommodation near Hluhluwe while you plan your visit to this captivating destination.

Lazuli Bush Lodge

Nestled within Hluhluwe, Lazuli Bush Lodge enjoys convenient access to the remarkable iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park, and the picturesque Sodwana Bay. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Kuleni Game Park, where Lazuli Bush Lodge is situated amidst a serene forest setting. While staying at the lodge, you’ll have the unique opportunity to spot various plains game species, including giraffes, zebras, and antelopes, among others. The exceptional location of the lodge means that guests can easily see the big five at surrounding game reserves! With four bedrooms, all boasting exceptional views of the bushy landscape, Lazuli Bush Lodge comfortably accommodates up to eight guests, where children are welcome, ensuring a personalised and intimate experience.

Lazuli Bush Lodge not only offers luxurious accommodation near Hluhluwe but also serves as the perfect base for exploring the wonders of South Africa. Lazuli Bush Lodge’s facilities include a divine swimming pool, serene outdoor showers and cosy indoor fireplaces. Its central location grants easy access to a plethora of activities and attractions. Whether you’re interested in embarking on thrilling wildlife safaris, experiencing cultural encounters, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the region, Lazuli Bush Lodge provides an ideal retreat for unwinding and reconnecting with nature.

Lazuli Bush Lodge is offering a great special where you stay for four nights and only pay for three! So make Lazuli Bush Lodge your home away from home during your visit to Hluhluwe and indulge in an unforgettable South African adventure.

Umkhumbi Lodge

Umkhumbi Lodge, a charming establishment nestled within the scenic Kuleni Game Park, offers a delightful retreat for visitors. This lodge presents a wide range of activities for guests to indulge in, such as invigorating walking and cycling trails. Boasting 7 chalets that provide picturesque views of the reserve, Umkhumbi Lodge warmly welcomes families and strives to fulfil their every need. The property itself offers ample opportunities for wildlife sightings, while nearby game reserves provide the chance to observe the majestic big five animals. With its exceptional accommodations and breathtaking surroundings, Umkhumbi Lodge presents an outstanding choice for a memorable stay in the captivating province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Leopard Walk Lodge

Indulge in a truly romantic retreat at Leopard Walk Lodge. Situated in close proximity to the captivating Isimangaliso Wetland Park and surrounded by renowned big five game reserves, this accommodation near Hluhluwe offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable getaway. Immerse yourself in luxury with private hot tubs and en-suite bathrooms, providing the utmost comfort and seclusion. Nestled within a wildlife reserve, guests can delight in the opportunity to observe over 350 species of birds and a wealth of diverse wildlife. Leopard Walk Lodge is an idyllic haven where nature and romance intertwine, creating an enchanting experience for every guest.

Experience the Best African Safari

Embarking on a journey to Africa is an invitation to immerse oneself in a world teeming with wonders, where breathtaking experiences await at every turn. The continent unveils a tapestry of captivating destinations, and as a traveler, you are bestowed with the delightful choice of exploring the most amazing attractions. Picture yourself venturing into the heart of the Okavango Delta, a sprawling oasis of life that beckons with its intricate network of waterways. Here, you can traverse the labyrinth of channels by mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, marveling at the rich biodiversity that thrives within this remarkable wetland. For a more intimate encounter with the wildlife, the Khwai River presents a tantalizing opportunity. Embark on a guided walking safari, stealthily traversing the riverbanks and floodplains, tracking the movements of elusive predators and observing a myriad of bird species. In Africa, the possibilities for adventure are endless, and the experiences that await you are beyond compare.

The best way to experience Mana Pools is to embark on a guided canoe safari along the Zambezi River, immersing yourself in the pristine wilderness and encountering diverse wildlife up close. Moving on, Chobe National Park beckons, an untamed wilderness that boasts the world’s largest concentration of elephants. A safari through its vast savannahs promises close encounters with these majestic creatures and the chance to witness thrilling wildlife interactions. Further along the journey lies Victoria Falls, a true marvel of nature. Stand in awe as the mighty Zambezi River plunges over the precipice, enveloping the surroundings in a misty spray.

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