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Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School

Dingani Primary School in Dete is a school that is close to our lodge and close to our hearts. We have been working on maintenance and upkeep for the school because we want the children to feel a sense of pride in their place of learning. It’s an ongoing project assisted by donations to the Grow Africa Foundation. Our wonderful agents have also lent a helping hand in the process, literally getting their hands dirty and doing some labour. Luckily not so strenuous and by all reports rather enjoyable.

Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School
Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School

Our latest maintenance project was painting and beautifying one of the classrooms. We had organised that the class had a fresh lick of white paint which already upgraded it considerably. But although a new white wall is lovely, a colourful patterned wall is better. Especially for little children who need to be stimulated and nurtured in a fun and educational environment.

The agents were on a familiarization trip to our lodge Elephant’s Eye, Hwange. We like to keep our agents busy and entertained so we put them to work! It’s also part of our company ethos of sustainability and making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School
Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School

Armed with stencils, paintbrushes and colourful paint the agents decorated walls with animals from around the world as well as messages and signatures to show where they were from, they were an international group from Portugal, Canada, and Australia. Reminding these children from a small rural town in Zimbabwe that there is a big world full of opportunities waiting for them and people all over who care about their future.

Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School
Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School

A fresh coat of paint can transform a dark and dreary classroom to a fresh and welcoming space. Colourful decorations and educational images inspire teachers and motivate pupils, ending boredom and passiveness. We are dedicated to improving the school experience of the students at Dingani so that they can value their education and the opportunities it affords them.

Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School
Agents Paint a Classroom at Dingani Primary School

The school has over 300 pupils from the ages of 4 to 12 years old and is in dire need of equipment and maintenance in order to continue the education and development of their pupils. Hideaways has partnered with Dingani Primary School to assist with the sustainable development of this local community’s children. Through fundraising and sponsorship, Hideaways are acquiring the resources the school requires to offer the children the education they deserve.

We are managing all requirements for the maintenance of the school and organise various events, such as painting, for the upgrade to take place.

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