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Grow Africa & De Grendel Wines

In 2019, a pledge was made. Grow Africa found and funded Early Childhood Development teacher, Yolanda Ncube, for Dingani primary school in Dete, Zimbabwe. Having

Grow Africa Project Ruzivo

Empowerment Through Education

Project Ruzivo Awards 35 Scholarships for 2020 “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.” –

Dingani Student Scholarships

Dingani Student Pledge Extended!

Hideaways and The Grow Africa Foundation are committed to improving and enriching the lives of the communities that we are a part of. At Elephant’s

Grow Africa Foundation

Change A Child’s Life With Our Pledge

Hideaways is committed to improving the lives of those living in the Dingani community close to our lodge Elephant’s Eye, Hwange, either through employment, supporting


Grow Africa: Sponsor a Teacher

Grow Africa Foundation has decided to sponsor a teacher! A teacher is an educator, a nurturer, a confidante, an inspiration, a mentor, and a force


Spotlight on Vukani Bead Project

Earlier this year we introduced our new Community Upliftment Experience, an opportunity for travellers to learn more about the local community that our lodge is

African Buffalos

Your Safari Holiday helps Africa

Africa’s wildlife is unique and varied, but tragically its very existence is threatened. Earth’s human population is exploding and with it the demand for resources

Grow Africa

Grow Africa: A Year In Review

Ecotourism isn’t just a buzzword for us and is deeply engrained in our company culture. We’d like to take a moment to look back and