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Tales from the Bush

An African safari is an incredibly rewarding experience where people can experience un-spoilt nature and feel a deep connection to the natural world. It, more often than not, opens people’s eyes to the needs of conservation and protecting our precious wildlife and the areas they inhabit. Unfortunately, very few locals in Africa have the opportunity to experience the tourist attractions of their own countries, especially guided game drives on open safari vehicles. Hideaways is acutely aware of this dichotomy and for this reason arranged a free trip for students from Dingani Primary School, which Elephant’s Eye’s non-profit Grow Africa supports. Many of the children live just a stone’s throw from Hwange National Park, but have never been privileged enough to enter.


The excited children were treated to their first ever game drive and were lucky to see large amounts of elephant, opening their eyes to the wealth and natural beauty that lies right on their doorsteps! Their surprised faces were lit up with smiles at the joy and wonder of spotting these magnificent creatures.  Understanding and appreciating wildlife and the environment is essential for children to be the custodians of it, so they can better protect and care for it. This is why Hideaways has partnered with Dingani Primary School to assist with the sustainable development of the local community’s children: empowering them and future generations. It is through initiatives like these that Hideaways continues to make a difference and stays true to its commitment to sustainability. Guests at Elephant’s Eye are encouraged to support these initiatives through various ways.

An African Safari can be anything from a phenomenally luxurious experience to a very basic one of “roughing it”. But the experience of seeing a herd of elephants splashing and bathing in a waterhole is the same for everyone regardless of their selected accommodation or circumstance – one never to forget!

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