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Grow Africa: A Year In Review

Ecotourism isn’t just a buzzword for us and is deeply engrained in our company culture. We’d like to take a moment to look back and make note of all the positive contributions we’ve had on the communities we travel to. The past year has been an incredible year for Grow Africa, and the responsible tourism initiative is continuing to be a driving force in building environmental and cultural awareness.

Grow Africa is a Hideaways ecotourism initiative where staff volunteer their time and encourage their guests to join them in supporting local communities, the environment and African wildlife. As a company we are proud to say that in 2016, Grow Africa contributed to the following campaigns:

60 kg of donations for local school children

We’re happy to say that an incredible amount of stationary and educational supplies were donated to assist the children at Dingani Primary with their education. This included 100 handmade pencil cases, books, pens, pencils, crayons, fun games and toys.

Pack for a purpose
Sports and culture at Dingani Primary School

We provided transport and refreshments for learners at Dingani Primary School to enable them to partake in local and regional sports and cultural competitions. Dingani learners placed second overall in the regional soccer tournament and third overall in the regional drama and poetry tournament.

Grow Africa: A Year In Review 1
Painting of classrooms at Dingani Primary

Agents and staff partook in a painting day at Dingani Primary to brighten up the classrooms for the children and promote a fun learning environment.

Grow Africa: A Year In Review 2
Fixing playground at Dingani Primary

Staff helped to build a beautiful playground for the children at Dingani to encourage outdoor playtime during break times and create a fun school environment.

Grow Africa: A Year In Review 3
Fixing windows, doors and the roof at Dingani Primary

A recent storm damaged the roof, windows and doors at Dingani Primary. Staff used donations to assist with replacing and fixing the roof, windows and doors so that education was not disrupted by poor weather.

Grow Africa: A Year In Review 4
Global March for Elephant’s and Rhinos

Staff and guests took part in a special day to commemorate the plight of Elephant and Rhino poaching in our game reserves. Groups were given caps and a special ‘Elephant and Rhino Cocktail’ all in an effort to raise awareness in a fun and interactive way.

Grow Africa: A Year In Review 5

If you would like to assist in the mission to make 2017 an even better year than last please email us to find out about our latest projects.

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