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Project Ruzivo Awards 35 Scholarships for 2020

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.” – Malcolm X

Mr Ndhlovu, headmaster of Dingani Primary School, is never without a smile. This smile emanated gratitude and pride as he distributed 35 scholarships to his students at Dingani Primary School on Monday 9th March, 2020. Through support by De Grendel Wines, Cape Town and Project Ruzivo, Grow Africa, such invaluable sponsorship programmes are able to exist.

Parents, teachers and the student development committee (SDC) opened the ceremony in song and dance, celebrating the generosity that will improve the livelihoods of their children and families. With the Zimbabwean National Anthem resonating through the air, uniting the community in harmony, chosen students prepared to receive their certificates. Mr Ndhlovu delivered an inspirational speech, congratulating those awarded scholarships while encouraging students to work hard for the future. His optimism is reflected in his students and teachers, absorbing their headmaster’s motivating attitude, determined to triumph in empowerment through education.

Despite the challenging circumstances the school constantly undertakes, the essence of community perseveres. In the spirit of collaboration, parents of sponsored children contribute two hours of assistance to the school each week, understanding the importance of fellowship. Education is a prized opportunity in rural areas, and recognition of achievement is an honour. Receiving the certificates is a proud and liberating moment for the entire family.

With more than 50% of families unable to afford fees, the selection process is a serious affair. The top boy and girl from each class are rewarded on merit, with other places granted to children of extreme necessity. The famous African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,’ rings true; scholarships benefitting everyone by alleviating financial pressure for some, while promoting socio-economic development for all.

Courage, the head guide from Elephant’s Eye, Hwange, closed the ceremony with a resounding reminder of the importance of education. He acknowledged and thanked De Grendel Wines and Project Ruzivo for enabling such priceless opportunities to transpire. The community offered their gratitude in song, gathering appreciation in joyful harmony.

Click here to be a part of empowerment through education and donate towards another child’s future.

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