Adventures to Hwange National Park

Tales from the Bush

As travel afficonados and advocates for our beautiful Zimbabwe, we took this incredible opportunity to explore our backyard. We packed our bags along with our excitement, and prepared for a road trip to Hwange National Park – three adventurers for three nights at two Hideaways properties.

First stop, Nantwich Lodge – an unknown for us all, our curiosity peaked. Driving in we were met with the view of the dam in front of the lodge – filled with water – the most precious commodity in Hwange. It was fantastic to see Hideaways ensuring the surrounding wildlife had a watering hole – especially with us heading into October heat. Being the first visitors at the lodge, the staff were almost more excited than us! After being in Covid Coma for so many months – their excitement was contagious! Food, views and service were all exceptional, filling our stomachs and hearts with Zimbabwean cuisine and hospitality.

Hwange National Park - Waterhole
Hwange National Park – Waterhole

Nantwich was reclaimed from a by-gone era, re-created from an old Zimparks post and emanates a very unique character. Awakening nostalgia and our love for Zimbabwe, sunset and cocktails had us sharing stories of our experiences in Hwange from times before. Special memories being simultaneously created and told. A walking safari with Dumi encouraged us to awaken our senses and fully reconnect to nature – an essential service to our souls. Dumi’s knowledge left us in awe and appreciation which we have since reminisced many times with each other as well as friends and family since.

The Dream Team, as we like to call ourselves, continued our venture with two nights at Elephants Eye, Hwange. Dipping into the pool as well as delicious meals made by Chef Enoch, we satiated our hunger and our need for relaxation. Elephants Eye is a homegrown favourite, a special little camp close to our hearts. From the iconic Acacia, to game drives on the private concession, to intimate tales around the campfire late into the night – it’s a perfect spot for collecting memories.

Stories and appreciation spilled out our car while road tripping home to Victoria Falls. Three adventurers returned with happy hearts and gratitude for the backyards of home, Hwange, Zimbabwe.

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