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Get ready to experience the most exhilarating family safari of a lifetime as you set your sights on Zimbabwe! Beyond the bounds of a typical vacation trip, a safari is a fantastic way to introduce your children to the marvels of nature and wildlife. A successful family safari depends on a well-planned itinerary that keeps the children interested and engaged in a safe environment. Family travellers generally expect activities suitable for all ages, interconnected rooms or family suites, and unique educational experiences for the children. In view of this, we’re going to talk about Fothergill Island in Zimbabwe. Located in Matusadona National Park, this is one of the best places to take the children on a safari. At Fothergill Island, children are spoiled for choice when it comes to exciting family-friendly activities that make it he perfect family safari destination.

Family Suites at Fothergill Island

Family Suites at Fothergill Island

Fothergill Island presents an extraordinary retreat with two distinct yet connected camps, featuring ten spacious and luxurious tented suites. The Lake and Bush Suites at Fothergill Island are perfect for families, with a choice two family units, each elevated on a raised platform. These units offer an additional bedroom with matching en-suite facilities, providing ample space for the whole family to unwind and relax. The family suites also feature a central reception area, where you’ll find refreshment stations, creating a space where your family can bond and create memories.

Your stay in one of the Lake and Bush family suites will include activities such as game drives, guided walks, camp games, fishing trips and other water-based adventures. Your stay in one of the family suites guarantees an unforgettable adventure filled with wildlife encounters, outdoor exploration, and moments of laughter and bonding that will create amazing memories. All meals and drinks (including traditional and Italian sparkling wines, spirits, liqueurs, and cocktails) are included in your stay. This ensures that both parents and children can relax and fully enjoy their time on Fothergill Island.

The camp has been specifically designed to be child and adult-friendly, ensuring an inclusive environment for everyone. With a wide range of exciting offerings, children of all ages are kept entertained while being exposed to inspiring new environmental perspectives and the continent’s most iconic wildlife. Families can share profound, unfiltered moments together in the bush throughout their stay. Engaging activities like archery capture the imagination of children, providing just as much enjoyment for the adults.

Family Suites at Fothergill Island

Family-friendly Activities at Fothergill Island

Game Drives

At Fothergill Island, knowledgeable guides are readily available to share their wealth of wildlife expertise. The modified open 4×4 vehicles provided for game drives offer comfortable seating, customizable arrangements, interactive iPads, binoculars, camera charging points, and a cooling canvas-covered roof. The game viewing and photographic opportunities are truly breathtaking. As you explore the plains, witness majestic lions hunting among herds of antelope, zebra, and buffalo. The waters of Kariba are home to fascinating encounters with hippos and crocodiles. One fascinating sight unique to the area is the presence of lion prides seemingly honing their skills in catching crocodiles along the lake’s banks.

Walking Safaris

Guests who seek intimate experiences will find the walking safaris truly exhilarating. Led by experienced guides, these safaris provide a ground-level perspective, allowing guests to witness a myriad of natural wonders. The guides expertly interpret the signs and sounds of the bush, imparting a lifelong passion for wildlife.

Fothergill Island, Matusadona
Fothergill Island, Matusadona

Boating Safaris

Matusadona National Park and Lake Kariba offer guests the opportunity to enjoy boating safaris. This unique experience allows guests to explore open waters, covering more ground and immersing themselves in the landscape. Sunset cruises into the Sanyati Gorge never fail to leave guests breathless, with over 240 colorful bird species to be spotted, while enjoying magnificent views of rugged cliffs and terrain. Alongside wildlife scenes, guests can enjoy a glass of the finest chilled wines from our cellars and indulge in cheese boards.

Alongside these incredible family-bonding activities, they also offers tailored experiences for each individual. The camp ensures that every family member can pursue their own interests at their own leisure. While avid anglers embark on thrilling fishing expeditions to catch the famous Tigerfish in the lake, those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere can unwind by the poolside, reclining on comfortable loungers in the refreshing shade. Fothergill Island is dedicated to providing a well-rounded experience that caters to the diverse interests and preferences of each family member, fostering lasting memories and enjoyment for all.

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