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Boma Dinner Under The African Stars

Meals at Elephant’s eye, Hwange are always a memorable affair. The lodge uses the finest freshest ingredients and Moffat is a chef extraordinaire. Usually, guests are seated near the main area of the lodge, either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather or group size. However, when guests stay for 3 nights or more (or if they request it) they are treated to an open-air Boma dinner.

Boma Dinner Under The African Stars 1
Entrance to the boma

A Boma dinner is a quintessential part of the bush lore, traditionally it was when village elders came together to celebrate or debate something in their community. Boma is a Swahili word for an enclosure and refers to the wall or fence that surrounds the area where people are dining (to protect them from any surprise visits from wildlife). It is characterized by a fire and the thrill of being exposed to the elements of the bush at night, and is a time for storytelling and enjoying delicious food and drinks with your fellow travellers.

Boma Dinner Setting

Dine under the African sky, the smell of succulent meat roasting on the open fire, wild animals roaming around in the distance, the twinkling of the glass lanterns and candles matching the magnificence of the starry heavens above. The Boma dinner at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is an exclusive experience in the heart of the African bush. Guests are treated to traditional African cuisine, about 500m from the main camp area. Included at no extra charge, this is a night to remember for any visitor to our lodge.

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