Safari Activities in Hwange National Park


Situated in the western part of Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park truly is a unique natural wonder. There are countless safari activities in Hwange National Park on offer to explore the park’s spectacular landscapes, from the open grasslands to the woodlands, forests and rocky outcrops. This untamed wilderness stretches over 14 600 square kilometres and gives visitors a rare opportunity to witness a rich variety of wildlife, including the famed Big Five and over 400 bird species.

Pans and Hides of Hwange

Hwange National Park can be divided into three distinct regions, each offering unique landscapes and wildlife encounters. The Robins Area is home to notable attractions such as Little Toms and Big Toms hides, Salt Pan, Crocodile pools, Mahohoma Seeps, Reedbuck Vlei, and Detema Dam, with landscapes varying from broad grasslands to hidden waterholes. The Mandavu Dam, Masuma Pan, and Shumba Pan are in the Sinamatella Area, while the Nyamandhlovu Pan, Ngweshla Pan, Dom Pan, and Makwa Pan are in the Central Area, exhibiting the core of Hwange’s wildlife activity with broad plains and plentiful watering holes. Each location adds to the park’s charm, promising a great safari experience through diverse ecosystems and the opportunity to observe nature’s untamed beauty in its purest form.

Northern Hwange National Park Map
Northern Hwange National Park Map

Game Drives

Game drives are one of the most popular ways to explore Hwange National Park. Guided safari drives, led by experienced guides in open 4×4 vehicles, will put you in the best positions possible to spot the park’s most famous residents, the massive elephant herds. There will also be more than enough opportunities to see lions, leopards, buffaloes and various antelope species.

Night Drives

Add a night drive to your must-do list of Hwange safari activities. Some lodges offer these exciting excursions which provide a unique opportunity to see nocturnal animals like hyenas, leopards and owls in their natural habitat. Spotlights are used in a sensible manner by experienced guides on these outings as to not disturb the animals. Nantwich Lodge, located in the northern part of Hwange, sits on a private concession, enabling visitors to engage in night drives.

Guided Walking Safaris

Guided walking safaris offer a unique opportunity to discover this wilderness on foot. Getting off the vehicle and tracking animals, observing birds and learning about the flora and fauna from knowledgeable guides brings a new appreciation for the natural world and its inhabitants.

Nantwich Walking Safari

Horseback Safaris

For horse lovers, there simply isn’t a better safari activity in Hwange than exploring the park from the back of an equine. A few operators offer horseback safaris for experienced riders on well-trained horses. Riding through the African bushveld, across vast savanna grasslands, and into teak and acacia trees. Horseback safaris are the ideal way to experience everything Africa has to offer, ensuring that each day spent in the saddle is as thrilling as the last.

Horseback Safaris


The skies above Hwange teem with a plethora of birds and keen twitchers will be delighted with the more than 400 species that include a variety of raptors, waterbirds and other colourful species. Birdwatching is excellent, especially during the wet season when migratory birds visit. Hwange National Park is home to a diverse array of local birdlife, with over 400 species recorded, including vibrant sunbirds, majestic raptors like African fish eagles, and distinctive ground-dwelling species such as the Kori bustard. During the migratory season, Hwange becomes a haven for winged travelers as it welcomes an array of migratory birds, including the elegant European bee-eater and the striking white stork, adding an international flair to the park’s avian diversity.


Due to its remote location, away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, Hwange offers excellent stargazing opportunities. On clear nights, you can marvel at the African night sky and its countless stars while being serenaded by nocturnal animals.

Educational Programs

Some lodges and organisations in Hwange offer educational programs about conservation. This allows visitors to learn about the park’s efforts to protect its precious ecosystems and wildlife. The Painted Dog Conservation program in Hwange National Park is an initiative focused on the protection and preservation of the African wild dog, also known as the painted dog or African painted wolf. The African wild dog is an endangered species facing numerous threats, including habitat loss, disease, and human-wildlife conflict.

Zimbabwe - Hwange - Wild Dog
Zimbabwe – Hwange – Wild Dog

Cultural Visits

Cultural visits to nearby villages have a prominent place on the list of Hwange safari activities. You can interact with local communities, learn about their traditions and experience their way of life.

The park’s stunning scenery and varied wildlife make it a favourite Hwange safari activity amongst photographers. Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to capture stunning shots. Many lodges also have specialised photographic hides to get closer to the animals without disturbing them.

Zimbabwe - Hwange - Game Drive
Hwange National Park Lodge

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