The Flavours of Camp Kuzuma

Tales from the Bush

The allure of wide-open spaces leaves our travel taste buds tingling. The sound of silence resonating around a lantern lit table, under a star lit sky, conjures up cravings for the outdoors. Bush dinners call with the breeze collecting rich aromas from the fireplace, infusing the smell of the wild outdoors with the comfort of traditional African cuisine.

Shebeen Chic: African flavours interlaced with the romance of travel.  A sensory explosion of local ingredients and dishes, with a luxurious twist. A carefully curated menu, honouring the local Motsana produce and seasoning, modified by the masterful ways of the Camp Kuzuma chef.

Tables are adorned with locally crafted wares. Colourful serviettes burst from glasses made of pottery, recycled paper lanterns decorated with Setswana vocabulary – words intertwining the culture and cuisine of Botswana.

Taking time beneath the stars, enjoying the process of preparation and appreciating the infusion of local ingredients, quality and authenticity is absorbed. Cooked on the campfire beneath the African sky, this culinary experience is the perfect way to savor the safari lifestyle.

Starters of phyllo pastry pockets arrive on wooden plates, a merging of creativity and nature. Taste-buds sufficiently teased with lingering flavours of goats cheese and sesame seeds, a buffet of comfort foods await. The main attraction; Oxtail Stew.

Slowly cooked inside a pumpkin, robed in tinfoil and placed on the fire, simmering and absorbing its myriad of spices; a true experience of slow living. The succulent results are served on a bed of coconut rice, traditional meat coupled with exotic aroma.

The final ingredient to a perfect evening; dessert. Tin bowls await with a choice of Lerotse (traditional watermelon), or panna cotta and mixed berry couli – or for the more adventurous palette – banana with rum and peppermint crisp – to be cooked on the fire.

There are few comparable pleasures to dining under the stars. Filled with the essence of Africa, from sunrise to starlit night, garnished with a traditional feast, gratitude is offered to the night sky.

To answer the calls of the wild and satiate those travel taste buds, contact one of our safari specialists to join us around a lantern lit table, under a star-lit night.

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