Dining Under the Stars, Safari Style

Tales from the Bush

An African safari is all-encompassing, touching every part of the body, mind and soul. And nourishing the body with scrumptious traditional cuisine after a day of thrilling wildlife encounters is an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Picture the scene, this one in a remote corner of the Chobe region in the north of Botswana where the sightings are plentiful and the dishes are bountiful…

Nestled beneath the towering acacia trees, their branches swaying gently in the evening breeze, the dinner setup exudes an enchanting charm. Lanterns illuminate the long rustic wooden table draped in crisp white linen and adorned with vibrant wildflower arrangements. The fragrance of indigenous spices mingles with the scent of the earth, creating an intoxicating mix of aromas that embraces the senses.

A bonfire crackles nearby, its warmth casting dancing shadows upon the faces of the eager diners. The tantalising aroma of grilled meats and other delicacies wafts through the air, prepared with traditional African herbs and cooked to perfection over the open flames. Platters overflowing with succulent dishes native to the land are placed before the hungry explorers, each dish a culinary masterpiece of flavours, textures, and vibrant colours.

Laughter and animated conversations fill the air, carried by the rhythm of African music that echoes through the wilderness. The melodies entwine with the calls of nocturnal creatures, creating a unique symphony of nature and human celebration. The flickering flames seemed to sway in harmony.

As the night draws to a close, the travellers raise their glasses to toast the wonders of the untamed wilderness as the bush dinner becomes more than just a meal but rather the gateway to the safari spirit of Africa.

Hideaways Camp Kuzuma

Located in the busy animal corridor between Botswana’s Chobe National Park and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Hideaways Camp Kuzuma not only serves up exceptional wildlife encounters but also delectable African dishes. A bush dinner at Kuzuma is a feast for the senses and the ritual of gathering around the fire as night falls in the middle of the wilderness is part and parcel of the camp’s daily rhythm.

Produce from the eco-friendly vegetable garden is used in the preparation of dishes served during bush dinners and most other meals at Kuzuma. The garden utilises and recycles kitchen waste to create rich and nutritious soil. Elephant dung and leaves from surrounding trees are sometimes also used to create organic and natural fertilising. The delicious and fresh produce is then used in the menu, a farm-to-table and self-sustainable process.

Pumpkins encompass an enchanting element in the fairy-tale realm, conjuring up images of dreams coming true. At Kuzuma, not only do pumpkins represent the reveries of magic, they also hold the camp’s delicious and famous oxtail stew. Simmering over the open fire with the gift of time, it makes bush dinner dreams come true. The meals at Kuzuma are a sensory explosion of local ingredients and traditional dishes, carefully curated by the camp chef. Combine it with tables adorned with locally crafted wares, colourful serviettes and recycled paper lanterns, and you have an incomparable dining experience under the stars.

This true Out of Africa experience in the exquisite location is one that will leave a lasting impression, in flavour and event. Gratitude is indeed owed to the night sky.

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