Meet Elton, Our Enchanting Front of House

Tales from the Bush

Elton started at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange as an intern and so impressed management that he has been invited on board as seasonal front of house staff. His charming personality and passion for the lodge, as well as his work, is felt instantly after anyone meets him. He likes to use his profession to share his passion for his country, Zimbabwe, as he believes it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and that our lodge is a perfect example of that beauty. Elton is an excellent bartender and guests are delighted to have him tending to their drinks after a day experiencing the wonders of the African bush. One guest was so impressed with his wine pouring skills that they remarked that “I have changed my mind and I would like to have a glass of wine please, not because I need it, but because not even the people in France pour wine as well as you do”. We’ve asked Elton some questions to get him to know him a bit better…

How long have you been working at Elephant’s Eye?
Started working here in January 2017 so I have been here for 1 year 9 months.

Why did you decide to work in the travel industry?
As a kid growing up I was quite intrigued by nature and cultural diversity. Growing up with a guardian who was in the travel industry got the young me completely exposed to the travel and tourism as a whole, therefore urging me to have the interest in pursuing a travel and tourism or hospitality related career.

What’s your favourite part about the job?
From day one it has always been about meeting new people, ensuring their vacation is splendid and memorable. Also partly to share cultural knowledge which is my favourite part and I greatly enjoy it.

Do you have a funny or interesting story that happened while you were working?
One night we had a family of 6 in camp and fortunately for us, a pride of lions happened to be in the concession close to us. It was dinner time and halfway through the lions started to roar. I promise I have never seen such fear in the eyes of any human ever. This was so funny to me because the whole family refused to eat out of fear and only settled down after over an hour of trying to calm them down. Of course, they were completely safe the whole time.

Where are you from and what is special about the place that you grew up?
I come from Bulawayo which is the second largest city in the country. The City of Kings and Queens, as we call it, is very special because it’s very rich in cultural values. The culture in this city has been preserved in a great way.

What are you passionate about?
Besides having a strong background in sport and fitness I am quite passionate about my current occupation, changing people’s views about our motherland by just showing patriotism and sharing knowledge.

Which animals do you see the most around the lodge?
Elephants! Elephants! Elephants!  We see them regularly. And obviously impalas and warthogs.

Which one is your favourite? Why?
The majestic Elephant is my favourite because in our African culture it is my totem and besides that am quite captivated by their habits especially the relationship it has with other animals, also not forgetting its excellent memory…

What are some of your favourite things?
Besides my job, I like to put in fair time in the gym during my spare time, as well as spending time with family and friends. Most importantly music is a big part of my life and I literally can’t do anything without my headphones on.

Your favourite food?
I enjoy my meat a lot and I cannot resist any invitations to braai (BBQ) functions.


Your favourite place? Why?
Well, that’s a tough one. Africa, especially Zimbabwe, is a land of beauty and splendour because of its beautiful landscape. I mean this can be proven by the beauty of Elephant’s Eye, you can’t choose to be anywhere else…

What memory do you hope that guests take with them from Elephant’s Eye?
Wow, so many but above all, I would like them to never to forget our excellent service. The animal sightings and mostly the Elephants drinking from the swimming pool I think that would be a great highlight.

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