The Best Time to Visit Nantwich


Nantwich is officially open and now it’s time to book that trip. The friendly staff and comfortable chalets are waiting to give you a warm welcome. As you arrive, Nelly will be ready to mix you your own personal G&T with a selection of aromatics for you to choose from. It is this personal attention and freedom of choice that carries through in all aspects of our guests stay at Nantwich.

While we can’t wait to host you, we do need to let you know that as a seasonal lodge, there are a few months of the year that we are closed. This is due to being inaccessible during the rainy season. The lodge’s remote location means that it is reached after some rather rustic roads which become flooded by the heavy rains that pour from January to April. That leaves the months from May to December open for guests to discover this remote corner of Hwange National Park. But you may wonder, when is the very best time to go? When is that sweet spot where all the elements combine to provide excellent game viewing, pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes? “…it’s not even necessary to go on game drives as you can simply observe all the action right from the lodge.”

Seasons of Nantwich

When to Visit Nantwich

July & September

The most optimal time for a Nantwich safari holiday is between July and September. It’s the African winter but instead of being chilly, it’s just pleasantly cooler than the sweltering summer heat. It is also the dry season which means that the game comes from far and wide to take deep restorative sips of water at our large dam, the very one the property is built around to maximise on breathtaking views. It almost feels like it’s not even necessary to go on game drives as you can simply observe all the action right from the lodge. But of course, we do embark on these adventures to discover more of the bush.


As the weather gets warmer, the bush gets even drier and game viewing becomes just exceptional. The trees are bare, making it harder for the animals to hide. For anyone who is not afraid of very dry dusty heat, consider a visit in October. You may also find yourselves some of the only people out there as others may not be as bold to brave temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius. Our pool with a view is the perfect place to cool off!


In November it starts to cool down again as we start to approach the rainy season, this means there may be the occasional shower but usually only an afternoon here and there, a lovely opportunity to take an afternoon siesta or enjoy the dramatic skies and experience Africa’s summer rain, afternoon cloudbursts that you can see approaching from a distance and that move along on their course.

So while there may be an agreed-upon best time, there is also a best time for you depending on what it is that you are looking for or what suits you best. Speak to us and let us know when you would like to visit, we’re ready for you!

Plan Your Safari

Get in touch with our dedicated reservations department, where our consultants are eager to assist you in selecting the ideal destination and lodge that perfectly aligns with your preferences.  Let our experts guide you through the exciting possibilities and help you craft a trip that will create lasting memories.

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