Boating Safari on Lake Kariba

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For an unforgettable adventure during your stay at the breathtaking Fothergill Island, we highly recommend embarking on a boating safari on Lake Kariba. This unique experience offers a new perspective on the picturesque Matusadona National Park and Lake Kariba, leaving you awestruck. 

Lake Kariba stands as one of the continent’s largest man-made reservoirs, a stunning testament to human engineering amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Created by the damming of the Zambezi River, this colossal lake spans the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, enchanting visitors with its immense expanse of shimmering blue waters. Lake Kariba is a haven for water enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados alike. The sprawling lake offers a playground for boating, fishing, and various water sports, attracting adventure seekers seeking an adrenaline rush or a tranquil escape. 

Fish Eagles of Lake Kariba
Fish Eagles of Lake Kariba

With a boating safari on Lake Kariba, safari enthusiasts can experience extraordinary adventure, delving into vast and diverse landscapes that offer a captivating glimpse into the wild. Our seasoned team of guides and naturalists are dedicated to tailoring the safari to meet your specific preferences, ensuring an unforgettable journey through this pristine aquatic paradise. As you glide across the lake, keep your senses attuned to the rhythms of nature. Marvel as elephants, some of Africa’s most iconic inhabitants, quench their thirst on the riverbanks or elegantly wade through the shallows, a breathtaking sight against the backdrop of the shimmering waters. With binoculars in hand and hearts brimming with excitement, safari-goers may catch a glimpse of the unmistakable snouts of hippos emerging for a breath of air before gracefully plunging back into the depths, revealing only ripples on the surface. 

But that’s not all – for the lake teems with life beneath the water’s surface. Keep a keen eye out for the tell-tale eyes and nostrils of the fearsome crocodiles, masters of stealth and patience, lurking just beneath, adding an element of intrigue to this aquatic safari. The skies above will soon come alive with a flurry of vibrant feathers, as different bird species swoop and soar, showcasing their brilliant colours and unique calls, painting a picturesque scene against the canvas of the African sky.  And if luck is on your side, the safari may reveal one of nature’s most elusive beauties: a leopard, silently prowling along the banks of the lake, a symbol of grace and stealth in the heart of the African wilderness. 

Sunset Cruise on Lake Kariba

For a peaceful and soulful experience, we suggest a sunset cruise through the tranquil Sanyati Gorge. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the mesmerising light show as the sun sets over the magnificent African landscape. Indulge in delectable snacks and exquisite wines while you sail away into the serene scenery. Alternatively, you can decide to switch out the usual safari boat for a catamaran. Powered by the wind, with a backup motor for quieter days, sail over Lake Kariba, feasting on the delicious snacks prepared by your Kariba accommodation. Take in the views of the lake as you continue on your water-based adventure. Cool off in Lake Kariba’s water and take a dip in the safety net attached to the catamaran, while toasting the end of a successful day on safari in Zimbabwe.  

Join us on a boating safari at Lake Kariba and immerse yourself in the wonders of Africa’s Water Wonderland. Discover a harmonious blend of nature, adventure, and relaxation, creating memories to last a lifetime amidst the stunning sunsets, rugged hills, and impressive gorges. Explore the beauty of Lake Kariba, where water meets wildlife in a picturesque symphony of African allure. 

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