The Elements of Safari with Camp Kuzuma

Tales from the Bush

Hideaways Camp Kuzuma in Botswana encourages an immersive safari experience, one which celebrates the four elements of nature; Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. This type of African journey is a sensory explosion. Spending time amidst the wilderness will leave the trails and stories of each encounter poetically inscribed in memory, as your fifth sense of physical and emotional connection comes alive through such enriching journeys.

From riding the roads on a game drive to riding the wind in a hot air balloon, guests are encouraged to suspend their usual ideas of safari, spending time in the wild in a more connected state of mind. Rising over the African earth, a collection of breath catches in the folds of the hot air balloon, excitement elevating with smooth ascent. Surrounded by silence and the vast expanse below, disconnected from the world; but at one with the elements. Floating elegantly above the world, gazing down on the deposited stories and paths of wildlife, taking it all in, without leaving a trace.

Camp Kuzuma is situated within the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA), on the borders of both the Chobe and Hwange National Parks. Reflecting the ethos of conservation and eco-tourism, the camp offers an off-the-grid safari experience with access to national parks with abundant wildlife, and pristine Kazuma Forest Reserve. A prolific elephant haven, whose ancient paths and corridors interconnect with the lodge, can be seen from the elevated wooden walkways, accommodating their migratory routes.

With bare feet rooted to the African soil, walking safaris invite you to descend from air to earth. Treading with mindful steps, led by an experienced guide, guests walk the paths in a personal encounter with the bush and its wildlife on daily walking safaris. Submerged in nature, senses heightened in awareness, a walking safari is the epitome of intimacy – truly connecting with nature.

While staying at Camp Kuzuma, located in the Kazuma Forest, guests have the option to embark on a river cruise upon the Chobe River. The Kazuma Forest area is equally prolific in wildlife sightings, with an ancient animal corridor running parallel to the lodge, however a river cruise adds an additional charm to one’s safari. If one spends 3 nights at Camp Kuzuma, soaking up the surrounding sights and experiences, the river cruise becomes complimentary, a gift from Hideaways of land to water. A safari experience upon water holds a unique charm – in its invitation to unwind, floating alongside islands and national parks; its viewpoint of the African landscape different to any other.

At the end of the day, as the dust settles with the heat, a fire is sparked to greet twilight. Guests gather beneath the stars, ready to share stories around the campfire, an African tradition. Ignited with tales of immersion in nature, chatter rises into the evening with the warmth of shared experiences.

Hideaways Africa invites you to experience a safari of earth, water, fire and wind, connecting you to each element of the wild. Staying at Camp Kuzuma, you will be in your ultimate element, your African venture fringed in luxury.

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