Lake Kariba Catamaran Cruise

Safari Experiences

A Lake Kariba catamaran day cruise provides a unique and immersive experience on this expansive body of water. Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake and is situated on the border with Zambia. Powered by the wind, with a backup motor for quieter days, sail into the sunset on your catamaran cruise on Lake Kariba, feasting on the delicious snacks prepared by your Kariba accommodation. Take in the views of the lake as you continue on your water-based adventure.

Lake Kariba sunset catamaran cruise
Sunset Cruise Lake Kariba

The stunning natural surroundings will most certainly soothe the soul on your relaxing Lake Kariba catamaran cruise. You will also experience excellent bird watching with sights of the African fish eagle and other water birds like saddle-billed storks, African skimmers and goliath herons. For the lucky safari-goer, there may even be glimpses of bigger species, including hippos and elephants. Cool off in Lake Kariba’s water and take a dip in the safety net attached to the catamaran, while toasting the end of a successful day on safari in Zimbabwe.

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