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Going on safari in Botswana is full of unforgettable moments. This beautiful country in Southern Africa has it all – from lush landscapes in the Green Season to exciting wildlife moments in the Peak Dry Season. We’ve got all the info you need about Botswana, its amazing animals, the best times to visit, and where to stay.

Understanding the Seasons

When going on a safari in Botswana it’s a good idea to know exactly when is the best time to go to see the best sightings. Although there is no “good” or “bad” time for a safari in Botswana, there are some key differences to take note of when planning your trip that may influence your sightings or the activities you can do when there.

January to March, known as the Green Season, transforms Botswana’s arid terrain into a lush paradise with abundant water and food. Wildlife flourishes, including lions, cheetahs, and leopards hunting newborn antelopes. The dense greenery provides a picturesque backdrop, but spotting animals can be challenging. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy over 500 species, especially in the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve.

April to June, transition months, see receding rains and drying landscapes. Animals search for remaining water sources, and Chobe National Park’s elephants migrate towards the Chobe River, striking a balance between the wet and dry seasons.

July to October is prime wildlife viewing time. Water sources become scarce which leads animals to permanent bodies of water, enhancing visibility. The Chobe River hosts Africa’s largest concentration of elephants, while the Okavango Delta water levels are at their highest and see heightened predator activity due to thinner vegetation and prey around water sources.

November to December marks the onset of the Wet Season, with unpredictable weather. Migratory birds return, enhancing Botswana’s rich birdlife. Early rains trigger the birthing season, overwhelming predators with synchronous births, and offering a unique blend of experiences.

Buck Moremi Game Reserve Botswana

The Wildlife of Botswana

Botswana is home to an impressive variety of fauna, including the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo), numerous species of antelope, cheetahs, wild dogs, giraffes, and over 500 species of birds – ideal for anyone on safari in Botswana. The country’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism has made it a haven for these species, many of which roam freely in vast, protected areas.

Wildlife you might see:

  • Elephants: Botswana hosts Africa’s largest concentration of elephants, offering awe-inspiring sightings, especially along the Chobe River during the dry season.
  • Lions: Roam the landscapes of Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta, showcasing their majestic prowess during the peak dry season.
  • Leopards: Stealthy and elusive, leopards can be spotted in various habitats, including the Moremi Game Reserve, adding an element of mystery to your safari.
  • Rhinoceros: Encounter the Big Five as rhinoceros graze across the diverse terrains, symbolizing the conservation success of Botswana’s protected areas.
  • Buffalo: These massive herbivores graze in harmony with the environment, creating a captivating sight in the floodplains of Chobe and Moremi.
  • Cheetahs: Witness the breathtaking speed and grace of cheetahs as they hunt in the open landscapes of Botswana, particularly during the Green Season.
  • Wild Dogs: Spot the endangered African wild dogs, known for their close-knit packs, in the Moremi Game Reserve, showcasing Botswana’s commitment to preserving biodiversity.
  • Giraffes: Graceful giraffes dot the landscapes, adding a touch of elegance as they move through the woodlands and open plains.
  • Hippos: Inhabit the waterways of the Okavango Delta, offering entertaining displays as they wallow and socialize in their aquatic habitats.
  • Crocodiles: Glide through the delta’s water channels and rivers, showcasing the ancient and powerful presence of these reptiles.
  • Zebra: Witness the spectacle of the zebra migration in the Makgadikgadi Pans, an underrated yet remarkable wildlife event.
  • Impalas: Experience the birthing season as impalas give birth almost synchronously during the early rains, overwhelming predators with their numbers.
  • Migratory Birds: Over 500 bird species, including migratory birds, thrive in the lush landscapes, creating a paradise for birdwatchers, especially in the Okavango Delta.
  • Water Birds: The Okavango Delta comes alive with a variety of water birds during the peak flood season, making it a birdwatcher’s delight.
Safari in Botswana at Moremi Game Reserve

The Best Places to Experience Botswana

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the world’s largest inland delta. It’s a labyrinth of lagoons, lakes, hidden channels, and islands. The wildlife viewing here is unparalleled, especially during the flood season from May to October when the delta swells with water from the Angolan highlands.

Best Time to Visit: The peak of the flood, from June to August, is the best time to see animals as they congregate around the water sources. Elephants, hippos, and crocodiles are common sights, along with a plethora of bird species.

Where to stay: Delta Camp

Okavango Delta

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is famous for having Africa’s largest concentration of elephants. The park’s diverse landscapes, from lush floodplains to dense woodland, support a wide range of animals.

Best Time to Visit: The dry season, from May to October, is ideal for wildlife viewing in Chobe. Elephants gather in large herds around the Chobe River, and predators such as lions and leopards are easier to spot.

Where to stay: Hideaways Camp Kuzuma

Chobe National Park

Kazuma Forest Reserve

Kazuma Forest Reserve is located in the KAZA Region and forms a busy wildlife corridor between Chobe National Park and Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Some of the largest herds of elephants use Kazuma Forest to traverse between these two areas.

Best Time to Visit: The dry season, from April to November, is ideal for wildlife viewing in Kazuma. Large herds of Elephants, and other wildlife, traverse between Chobe and Hwange through Kazuma Forest daily.

Where to stay: Hideaways Camp Kuzuma


Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi lies on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta and combines dry land and wetlands, making it a diverse habitat for wildlife. It’s known for its excellent birdwatching and the presence of rare African wild dogs.

Best Time to Visit: The dry season, from July to October, is when wildlife is most abundant and visible. The water levels in the delta decrease, drawing animals to the remaining water sources.

Where to stay: Hideaways Mogotlho Safari Lodge

Moremi Game Reserve

Botswana’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism practices has made it a leader in eco-tourism. By choosing a safari in Botswana for your wildlife adventure, you’re not only signing up for an unforgettable experience but also supporting these efforts. Whether you’re navigating the channels of the Okavango Delta, witnessing the majesty of elephants in Chobe, or exploring the unique landscapes of the Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana offers a wildlife experience like no other.

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